Mandy Howe, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Mandy Howe is an artist and art teacher from Rhode Island.

Primarily a landscape painter, her work often includes natural objects and collected things. 

She is a graduate of Boston University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

She has two children and teaches art in both independent and inner city schools while continuing to develop her own work. 


“I grew up just outside of New York City and on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island. I was exposed early on to all the city has to offer: museums, concerts, and special events. As a teenager I often went downtown to explore these famous museums on my own. This lifelong exposure to the arts gave me a deep appreciation for art and art history. I have also spent much of my life roaming freely in the outdoors and the natural world has always been the inspiration for my paintings.

I have spent long periods of time in two places: eighteen years in Northern Vermont and my whole life in Rhode Island. This has allowed me to witness the changes over time that occur to the landscape of a specific place. In my Shoreline Series, now numbering 15 paintings, I am coming to terms with the plastic that is all around us. I layer images with acetate, paint with acrylics, adhere things to surfaces with tape, super glue,and epoxy, and use decorative paints and polymers from the hardware store. I immerse natural and man-made objects in polyurethane glazes and pile rocks, sand, and plastic shards onto my canvases.

The tension between the natural beauty of the shoreline and what washes up as human litter is compelling. It is also the reality of our times. How to come to terms with this in a painting is the question.”