April 23,2017

I just checked back in to my website and find that the neglect has made things a mess. I have a foot in each world- old school and new. I plan to sit down with someone and bring the two together.....

Meanwhile, the red pipe cleaner issue is solved. And I proceeded to complete two extremely dark-literally- not too successful smaller paintings. One is called"vertical migrations" and needs one more gesture-image-word-silhouette on the surface. The other is called "plastic ocean" because I literally used a sheet of plastic over the surface as my final layer. It swirls so nicely over the glue and wet paint!! kind of weird, further explorations underway.

Next up as Spring emerges, is some land based paintings with dirt and natural objects included. I have two "drawings" done on thick paper mounted on plywood that interest me. 

Seem to be very distracted by scattered teaching gigs etc. and need to get to June 11th to have my studio my only focus.