I have been trying to clean out and re-organize my studio, while at the same time pushing my need to work away. the minutia of daily life are constant- and very difficult to over ride. I keep thinking if I do this, clean that, fix them,  I will get to a clear space where I can focus on my work. which leads me to the intense moments of gestation and delivery that initiate a body of work- kind of like transition in birth. So instead of a clear space of endless time, I have a dismantled and chaotic studio, new work on the walls, bare canvases stacked up, and very messy paint cart and table. i don't think this would take more than a day or half day to get prepared for new work. so I have to insist on the time and go in there. could be tomorrow, could be monday, a holiday with no classes to teach. two long days of endless time are a lot. I think I got off track shortly before the Holidays and now is the time to get back on track. next show is june- touristy windows at Arnold Art: a series of sellable, smallish seascapes/shorelines. after that is member's show at Deblois which can be anything, and then October a two person show at Deblois. I can do it!