January 10,2017

I have been pondering a question posed by Alex from the Mercury during my interview with him. He asked me what artist inspired me. I quickly tried to think, running through art history, trying to posit an answer. But I don't have just one or two artists who inspire me. It is more like a library of artists,. I have a mental timeline, a mental library of artists, a solid knowledge of art history that I consult. So for example when I am struggling with a problem or problems in a painting, I go to the library and do some research. This could be online, at a gallery, at a Museum, at another artists studio. I am looking for solutions to a problem and consult other artists, past or present, living or dead, to help me solve it. That said, the artists who have been my best teachers include the following:
 Museum School teachers Bill Flynn, Natalie Alpers, Sandi Sloane and the sculpture teacher whose name I can't remember.
 Don Sunseri, Jeff Way, Ed Bartlett, Nordie and Barbara Garber, and the outsider artists of Greensboro Bend who inspired and worked with me in Vermont; Elizabeth Murray in New York City who looked at and critiqued my work whenever I visited; my Grandfather William H. Drury and my Aunt Hopie who got me to start painting on a trip to the West Indies; and my Mom who took me wandering through the Art Museums of NYC and gave us all unlimited art supplies. Or I refer to Natural History, look at books of drawings of flora and fauna, detailed descriptions of things in the natural world, and go out into the natural world to see how things work. Just looking at, being in and examining nature is perhaps my greatest inspiration.